Automatisation tire
pressure control system

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Датчики давления шин Tire Keeper One

Самосвал OTR
Грузовик TBR
Автобус LT
Легковой автомобиль PCR

  • Protected from external environment threats
  • Easy mounted
  • Monitor temperature and pressure
  • «Anti-theft» system protects the tires
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Up to 68 tires with pressure up to 14 bar (~ 200 psl)


Working temperatures from -40℃ to +150℃

Измеритель давления

High measuring accuracy up to 0,05 bar


Built-in battery life 7 years

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Difference with normal pressure

Tire Keeper System gives an economy up to $1500 a year and pays off in 4 month average.

Economy is reached by the prevention of excessive fuel consumption and the early tire wear due to incorrect tire pressure. Sensors’ life span more than 7 years

Tire service life – tire pressure dependency graph


Excessive fuel consumption/energy – tire pressure dependency graph

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How the Tire Keeper system works

Датчик Tire Keeper One


Sends tire pressure and temperature data via radio channel

Приёмник Tire Keeper One


Receives, processes information and sends it via Bluetooth

Tire Keeper на iPhone


Displays tire pressure and sends the information into the cloud service

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TK Cloud

Cloud service

TK Cloud analyzes information and notifies designated persons in case of detection of critical deviations

Шина с восклицательным знаком


In case of problems detection you will be notified by E-mail

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Comparison with analogues

Tire KeeperEuropean equivalentChinese equivalent
Sensor Cost$60$80$20
Receiver Cost$60$375$100
Necessary additional equipment cost (repeater, initiator antenna)not required$455$80
Vehicle power supply12V / 24V12V12V
Pressure measurement precision14 bar / 14 kg / 200 psi14 bar / 14 kg / 200 psi8 bar / 8 kg / 116 psi
Temperature measurement precision0,05 bar0,05 bar0,1 bar
Temperature measurement precision±1±2±2
Sensor service life7 years and more6 years and more2 years
iOS / Android compatibilityYesNoNo
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Benefits of Tire Keeper system installation

Tire pressure monitoring system is the most efficient economy method for a company with own truck fleet

Fuel consumptionMileage/yearTiresTire lifeAverage tire price
36–40 litres / 100 km80 000 km315/80R22,570 000 km$230

The Tire Keeper System price for this truck: $420 (6 sensors and 1 receiver)


Average pressure deviation in «Pro-Log» truck fleet = 15% (index is better than average in Russian Federation truck fleets)
It results in 20% increased tire wearing and more than 3% excessive fuel consumption.
Losses in tires = $230 (tire price) ✕ 6 units (number of tires) ✕ 20% (loss in mileage) = $277
Losses in fuel = 38 litres (average fuel consumption) ✕ 80 000 km (year mileage) / 100 km ✕ 3% (losses) = 912 litres = $561
Direct losses = $838 / year.
System payback period: 4–6 months.

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Truck fleet remote monitoring

TK Cloud is a cloud service that allows management team control over the truck fleet remotely using computer or smartphone.

  • Online monitoring of pressure and temperature in tires of the whole truck fleet
  • Recording changes of pressure and temperature in tires for the whole period of Tire Keeper usage
  • Acquisition of prompt notifications about abnormal pressure deviation in tires by E-mail
  • Generation of detailed reports for the picture of accidents in case of emergency
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Cost of Tire Keeper set - from $300

A package includes:

  • Transmitter
  • Transmitter external antenna
  • Cigarette lighter charger
  • Tools for sensors mounting
Легковой автомобиль

For passenger vehicles:

4 sensors with PCR valves

Самосвал Грузовик Автобус

For trucks and vans:

4/6/8/10/12/14 sensors with TBR valves

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