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Types of pressure monitoring systems for trucks with monitor output

As you know, there are different pressure monitoring systems for trucks.
Consider a common scheme for a tractor and trailer.
Typically, the system consists of six components

  1. Sensor to determine the temperature and the pressure in the tires;
  2. The device receiving the radio signal;
  3. The device amplifies the signal;
  4. Monitor;
  5. Device transmitting data to the server;
  6. Programmer.

Naturally, each of the components can be of different types, and most of them we have described in previous articles. In this article we will describe how to display information for the driver.
In its bulk, the monitor for the driver-a monochrome device that displays data on the wheels. Disadvantage of this device is impossible at a glance to see pressure on all wheels. For the output pressure alternately, for each wheel separately. A definite plus – no one will steal it because it’s just useless. For data transfer requires an additional device telematics. And of course the hardware can not program the sensors yourself, have to buy the programmer. All this costs a lot of money.

Our team of engineers set the task to get away from this scheme, which is why we chose to display data on the screen through an Android or iOs device. Thus, instead of three devices – we need to buy one that costs today from 50.ye. and higher. The main thing is that the tablet, the phone can send data, because there is a SIM card, and with the help of developed programs, the driver himself, without additional equipment can register sensors. This allows you to save money during operation of the system.

Just the approach of displaying data is very important. We have clients who have in road trains consist of a tractor and 3 trailers.A total of 46 wheels. And it is very important to learn about the pressure situation with one short look.

We consider the moment of distraction of the driver from the road to be very important. Many additional devices in the car constantly distract the driver from the road. The task of our monitor, notify the driver in case of danger, i.e. the application works as a messenger. You do not always need to keep the screen turned on. Let all driver’s attention be focused on the road.

Thus, we can say that monochrome monitors are already rudimentary. The future of display on Android, iOs, because it gets picked up by drivers for use in many applications.

Wednesday April 18th, 2018

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