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For the safe operation of the vehicle the driver needs to carry out a large number of manipulations. Periodic measurement of the tire pressure allows you to make the trip not only safer, but also save fuel and prolong service life. It is possible to measure pressure by means of the special device – the sensor of pressure of freight tires.

Why the need for pressure gauges truck tire?

Too much or too little tire pressure can lead to various negative consequences. The optimal value is pumping up to 9 atmospheres. If the pressure is lower in the measurement, this can lead to the following consequences:

If the tire pressure is high, it also leads to negative consequences:

There is a tight fit of the middle part of the tire with the road, and as a result, the wear of this section of the tire increases;
Happens accelerated wear of suspension and body as the tire is not enough deceleration that occurs when hitting a car on pit or other obstacles.
The use of a pressure sensor enables optimum tyre pressure to be maintained. Its value can be seen by the driver on a special indicator.

Operating principle of the tyre pressure sensor

Tire pressure sensors can have different operating principles. Currently used cap sensors or devices that transmit data on the tire pressure directly to the monitor system using a radio signal.

Cap sensors notify the driver of changes in tire pressure, changing its color. Depending on the degree of reduction, the caps acquire a yellow or red color.

The advantages of such devices include:

Easy installation. Not required for the installation to bortirovki wheel, and to carry out the balancing;
Ease of installation and replacement of sensors that have served as a resource.
The disadvantages of the capped devices is:

Indicator pressure sensors also have their advantages and disadvantages. They have a self-contained battery and transmit data via radio to the receiver. For their installation requires the sorting of the wheel. Also, for the operation of the system, it is necessary to balance taking into account the weight of the installed device.

The advantages of such truck tire pressure sensors include:

The disadvantages of such devices include their cost, which is higher than the cap sensors.

Thursday April 26th, 2018

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