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In order for the car tires to serve for a long time, and the traffic on the road was safe, the driver needs to periodically measure the pressure in them. This can be done with the help of modern sensors, which will notify the driver of insufficient pressure by sound notification or color change, which will greatly facilitate the management of the vehicle.

What are pressure sensors for?

Even a slight decrease or excess of tire pressure can have a negative impact on the control of the car. If there are deviations in the smaller side, the vehicle begins to consume more fuel and there is accelerated wear of tires, basically, their lateral part. If the tire pressure is exceeded, it also has negative consequences. There is a fit to the roadbed only the Central part of the tire, which provokes its accelerated wear. There is also a reduction of resource automotive suspension system, as the wheel in this case, when the obstacle does not extinguish the impetus and the inertia of the blow assumes it. Another disadvantage of the pumped wheel is the probability of an explosion of the camera, which often happens when a car hits an obstacle. In order to avoid such consequences, pressure sensors are used that allow the driver to know the tyre pressure indicators.

Types of pressure sensors

There are 2 types of such devices: – Cap sensors. They change color depending on tire pressure. If it corresponds to the norm – sensors acquire green color. If the pressure has a deviation, the device acquires a different color, up to red, which indicates a critical level. The operation of such a sensor is due to the piston installed inside it, the indicator of which changes its color, depending on what the tire pressure. The advantage of such devices are:

  1. Easy to install with no need for wheel disassembly;
  2. Ease of replacement of the fulfilled devices.

However, the cap sensors also have disadvantages, which include low protection against thieves and low susceptibility to pressure fluctuations. – Sensors with battery. They use a stand-alone battery, which transmits the tyre pressure information to the tracking system via radio signal. Included in this device are several sensors-one for each wheel of the car. This system has many advantages:

  1. Periodic transmission of pressure status;
  2. The tightness of the wheel;
  3. The accuracy of the readings.

However, the installation of such a structure is quite problematic and requires the sorting of the wheel and balancing taking into account the weight of the mounted device.

Saturday April 28th, 2018

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