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About us

About us

Our company has been engaged in truck tires and plates for a long period of time. We used to deal with different brands: both world famous and not, as well as with expensive and cheap tires. Thus, we received different feedbacks – both good and not.


Selling tires we had to travel around the whole country. In during each trip we came across with one and the same problem – pressure in tires.

Wheels whether they are the most expensive or the cheapest, wear out in case of incorrect tire pressure. We drew such conclusion after making measurements in different car fleets of our country from Vladivostok to Saint-Petersburg. In 95 percent of cases a deviation from the standard was detected. And, as it turned out, it didn’t depend on the sizes of car fleet and number of vehicles. The problem existed everywhere.

The same situation was in foreign truck fleets too. The research geography touched upon Uzbekistan, Poland, Argentina, the Republic of South Africa, China, Israel, the USA, Mauritius, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Malaysia.

Conceiving that in such situation it is impossible to give warranty for tires, we decided to purchase truck tire pressure monitoring systems and give warranty for the tires only with such system installed on the vehicle.

We purchased from different foreign manufacturers.

The result of the tests disappointed us: all systems were down having failed resisting weather and road conditions in Russia.

After testing and analyzing the work of all systems we came to decision to start developing our own product.

The following task was set: develop production of tire pressure monitoring system that would meet all requirements and wishes we arrived to by trial and error.

We had to get to the bottom of the production process.

We spent more than three years for development, engineering prototypes and testing.

After   successful tests we started mass production of Tire Keeper.

Over the past two years we participated in 6 international exhibitions taking part in Indonesia, China, Germany, the Republic of South Africa, and Russia.

The result of our activity is the fact that we are exporting into 13 countries of the world and have representatives in Europe, USA, South America, Africa, Asia and the Near East.

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Our goals

  • Remote monitoring of vehicle fleet tires from any part of the world

  • Improving efficiency of business for our clients at the expense of cost saving for tires replacement

  • Contributing to environment improvement in the world by increase of tire life and reduction of truck fuel flow

  • Manufacture of the product that meets all modern requirements of the world and end-user requirements

Our location

Office 206, 10 Naberezhnaya St. Vladivostok, Russia

Phone +7 (914) 790 07 65

E-mail info@tirekeeper.org

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