Automatisation tire
pressure control system

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Comparison with analogues

Tire KeeperEuropean equivalentChinese equivalent
Sensor Cost
Receiver Cost$60$375$100
Necessary additional equipment cost (repeater, initiator antenna)not required$455$80
Vehicle power supply12V / 24V12V12V
Maximum pressure14 bar / 14 kg / 200 psi14 bar / 14 kg / 200 psi8 bar / 8 kg / 116 psi
Pressure measurement precision0,02 kg0,02 kg±0,02 kg
Temperature measurement precision±1±2±2
Sensor service life7 years and more6 years and more2 years
iOS / Android compatibilityYesNoNo
Usable w/o repeaterYesNoNo
Temperature rangefrom -50°С to 150°Сfrom -45°С to 125°Сfrom -40°С to 125°С
Spare partsYes

Statistics uploadYesYesNo
Statistics upload w/o additional equipmentYesNoNo
Free cloud serviceYesNoNo
Vehicle fleet auditYesNoNo
Driver’s identificationYesNoNo
3 vehicle units supportДаYesНетNoНетNo
Up to 48 wheels supportYesNoNo
Opportunity to apply modifications according to client’s needsYesNoNo
Location track w/o additional equipmentYesNoNo
Real temperature display (inner/outer sensor)YesNoNo
Wheels quantity simultaneous display48 wheels16 wheels16 wheels
All wheels tire pressure & temperature instant displayYesYesNo
Sensor self-tuneYesNoYes
Wheels’ formula self-tune (w/o additional equipment)YesNoYes
Tires replacement w/o additional equipmentYesYesYes
Sensors’ switching-off functionYesNoYes
Battery life-span7 years and more6 years2 years
Various wheels’ formula on 1 displayYesNoNo
Different parameters installation for each axisYesNo No

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