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Датчики давления в шинах в грузовых авто

Tire pressure sensors. How they work

Wednesday April 11th, 2018

Operation of the vehicle with reduced pressure in the wheels is a risk for the driver and for passengers. It becomes difficult for the driver to “keep” the road, that is, the handling of the car is sharply reduced. In addition, the service life of tires is significantly reduced. 

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Как прописывают датчики давления в шинах

How to register tire pressure sensors

Tuesday April 3rd, 2018

Good afternoon, Many users of TPMS systems are concerned about the issue. How to make friends with a new sensor on-Board system There are two main approaches. Sensors are stitched into the system using special equipment, or without it. The first approach is certainly beneficial to autocenters, service workshops, because this service costs from 500 […]

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бу датчик ТПМС

Used tire pressure sensor

Good afternoon, Today I would like to tell you about BU sensors TPMS Many motorists accustomed to this term as the contract part, BU the wheel, say, in Europe or the US the parts went, and nothing wrong with it, it could not happen. With sensors, the situation is slightly different. The main reason – […]

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TPMS системы

Tire Pressure Monitoring System for trucks

TPMS – (tire pressure monitoring system) tire pressure monitoring system. This system notifies the driver of increased or decreased pressure in the wheel of the vehicle. TPMS systems are mandatory for passenger transport in America and the European Union. There are different types of construction and perform different functions. For example, there are standard tire […]

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Восстановление шин и система контроля давления в шинах

Tire repair and tire pressure monitoring system

Many commercial vehicle owners have come across a proposal for the rehabilitation of tyres. Reviews on this topic are very controversial. There are bright supporters of this method, there are opponents. And in most cases, the opponents of the recovery are the companies that provide recovery services, but using bad materials that violate the technology. […]

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