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TPMS for jeepers, is it necessary thing?

Once our production came a request – we want to place your sensors on a car. We were at first a little surprised, they say there are many analogs, cheaper ones. But then when they found out the place of the application, they immediately understood everything. The place was Yakutia.

Simply the client already tried different decisions, and at achievement-20 -30 all left out of operation.
Also on the efficiency of the sensor affects its ability to work precisely under bad road conditions. And if not a sensor designed to work in extreme conditions for trucks, it will be easy to transfer all the burdens and hardships of expedition trips.

Of all the reworkings, modifications – only the valve was changed. All the rest of the performance remained freight.
So now for jeepers, fans of long trips, just users who live in the temperature zone -30, it became possible to use pressure sensors in tires that can work anywhere in the world where wheeled vehicles are used.

Thursday July 12th, 2018

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