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Good afternoon,

This article written after his arrival in the United States. We have been there for 3 years, there are satisfied customers. But one of the meetings made a strong impression on our team.
After our presentation, the owner of a fleet of 120 trucks said he was ready to work, he did not want to pay for the system.
His scheme proved is simple. If all the savings that we claim to work – then buying our equipment through leasing per year.  The lease payment is less than the savings we brought to the Park. And he was talking about the lease term of 1 year. If he takes a lease for a couple of years, then the money he will be able to take a few trucks.

We decided to shift the figures to the Russian reality.


  1. Park in 120 cars.
  2. Average mileage 180 000 km
  3. 12 Chinese conventional wheels that wear out for the year = 210 000 rubles
  4. Fuel consumption 38L/100km
  5. The cost of the system that would equip the Park 6 554 000 ₽ (one car 56 600 ₽)

Saving articles

In other articles described a lot about the influence of the pressure on runs of tires and fuel consumption.
On average, 4% savings on fuel in the Park. The minimum will be saving 109 440 ₽ fuel, and 32 400 ₽ bus longer leave (this is without regard to punctures, fire, in time delivered goods, etc.)
On the Park total savings 17 020 800 ₽
Savings 17 020 800 ₽ – Costs 6 554 000 ₽ = 10 466 800 ₽ NET PROFIT! This money is not enough for one car.

After an exchange of experience with our American colleague, we started the process of buying our equipment through leasing.

Savings of 141 840 ₽ / 12 months LESS than (56 600 ₽ + 10% leasing system) / 12 months.

Of course, everything depends on the Park, and before you buy equipment for the entire Park, you need to make test installations, calculate the specific indicators that our system was able to achieve. Well, then, based on the data you have already received, go to mass installations on the leasing scheme.

Monday December 10th, 2018

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