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Before you travel by car, you must first make sure that there is sufficient pressure in the tires. However, often motorists miss this point out of sight and pay attention to it only in an emergency. But if the tires are poorly inflated, they will come into disrepair much faster, the amount of gasoline consumed will increase, the handling of the machine will suffer.

Датчики давления грузовых шин Tire Keeper

Truck tire pressure sensors Tire Keeper

To make it easier to control the pressure in the tires, it is necessary to install special sensors. With these devices, the car owner will notify the system of a possible deviation from the norm. As a result, it will be possible to take appropriate measures in a timely manner, rather than wait for the consequences.

Tire pressure sensors are divided into direct and indirect measurement devices. Both options are present, both pros and cons. Therefore, before buying them and installing them directly, you need to learn more about them.

Sensors for direct pressure measurement. Their feature

This type of sensors is mechanical and electronic. They act as separate elements that control the pressure in the tires. Mechanical sensors are presented in the form of caps on the nipple, which are able to change their color and thereby notify the driver of the present pressure. If the tires are sufficiently inflated, the indicator cap will be green. When the pressure deviates slightly from the norm, it turns yellow. The red color indicates pressure loss to unacceptable values. Among the advantages of such devices are convenient and quick installation, easy check of the devices and reasonable price of products. However, mechanical sensors have much more disadvantages. They are not able to give accurate information. In order to know the tyre pressure, the motorist will still need to inspect the tyres before travelling. When the driver will move on the car, such sensors will not be able to notify him about the breakdown of rubber.

Датчики давления грузовых шин 6 колёс Tire Keeper

Truck tire pressure sensors 6 wheels Tire Keeper

On the good side showed themselves electronic types of pressure sensors. The device of such devices is somewhat more complicated. The kit includes a control unit and sensors. With the help of radio signals to the control unit panel receives data. In the event that the pressure is very different from the permissible norm, the instrument panel will light up a red light and beep. Modern models of electronic devices have a display that displays information about the state of the wheels.

The sensors indirectly measure the pressure

Sensors indirect measurement is not really as separate elements. The ABS system in the vehicle includes monitoring the pressure in the tires. As soon as the wheel diameter decreases, it can be understood that the pressure decreases in it.

Thursday November 22nd, 2018

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