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TK Cloud monitoring service

It is a cloud service that allows remote monitoring tire pressure. In case of deviation from the standard you specified, you will be notified by e-mail.

That is, you don’t have to check the pressure manually, look for the vehicle before leaving – the system will do everything by itself. You will just have to read current pressure and call the driver if the pressure is unsatisfactory.

You may trace dynamics of pressure deviation in all wheels because TK Cloud records any temperature deviations in vehicle tires. All information is represented in the form of a diagram.

For example, if the diagram points to increased heating of the wheels of one of the axis, you most probably detected deterioration of its shape.

Data obtained from the sensors installed on the wheels will be saved on the server.

You can trace back everything happened with every single wheel on the road. For example, you need to understand which wheel and on what axis suffered the greatest physical action and when emergency happened: bow-out, pressure drop or heating and pressure boost.

For detailed consideration of changes in tires you may choose a certain period of time or the whole period from the moment of TireKeeper installation onto the vehicle.

You don’t have to spend time for tire pressure check with the help of an inflation gage.

You may obtain information about each vehicle by a couple of key presses!

TK Cloud is a cloud service that allows management team control over the truck fleet remotely with the help of computer or smart phone.

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