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Tire Keeper One TBR-4


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Tire Keeper | One TBR-4 (truck and bus set for 4 wheels)

Tire pressure monitoring sensor Tire Keeper – a reliable partner on the road

Some believe, in fact, that to determine the temperature and pressure in the wheels is possible visually, but they are very wrong. The Delta up to 0.7 bar will in no way affect the appearance of the tyres, but will have a significant impact on the technical properties of the machine. Track this is possible only with the help of special devices.

Tire Keeper-tire pressure sensor with Bluetooth, allowing you to keep under control the position of the wheels in real time. Most often TPMS system includes from 4 to 96 sensors (usually 4 pieces, but for trucks (Tractors, trailers, trucks, etc.) are much more), working in self-mode, and control devices. Tire pressure sensors, the cost of which is clearly less than the usefulness of them, allow the owner, the headgear, the driver of the truck or machinery in time to receive information about the condition of the tires due to overheating or a critical change in pressure in individual wheels.

Pressure sensor air tire TPMS owns the proper pros:

Easy installation of pressure sensors.
High efficiency (temperature range from -50 to + 150 C).
The internal location of the sensors protects them from all external influences.
The impact of guarantee promises in many countries around the world.
Providing information on Bluetooth devices using Android and iOs from Apple
Download the program management in the Google Play Market and Apple Store
Service life more than 7 years.

Wireless sensors pressure truck tires for seasonal inactivity of the wheels are switched to conserve energy mode. In the composition of the systems involved only domestic, German, Japanese and Israeli components, in fact, that speaks of excellent quality and reliability skdsh.

The pressure sensor, truck TPMS tire protection

Experts say that a large percentage of accidents occur due to careless attitude to tire pressure and wheel temperature. Quite a large number of accidents could have been avoided by installing our TPMS system in tires on all trucks, special vehicles, buses and cars. More of this, in the USA in 2008 was obliged to equip all the latest auto TPMS systems, the same law will begin to work in the EU in 2016.

At the moment to buy a pressure sensor in the tires – easy how to mount it. The installation can be performed on the item or in the car repair shop, as well as in its own service, as the installation tool comes in a set with the system itself. A huge plus-the presence of" Plug and Play " adapter to the cigarette lighter. The more fundamentally it is in the case of fresh cars because of the breach of warranty.

Truck tire pressure monitoring system-reliable assistants in traffic!
The most expensive articles of companies engaged in transportation of various cargoes, or have in its own Park of freight cars, special equipment, sweepers, trucks are considered as costs for fuel, tires, and payroll.

By installing a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for trucks it is possible:

Extend the life of the wheels, protecting them from explosions;
To improve the fuel costs;
Guarantee the safety of the cargo.
Thus, the pressure drop in the wheels only 10% will increase fuel consumption by 4%, and tire wear by 30%. Actually as regards the third item, the air pressure sensor in tires able to notify the driver, the fleet owner or zavgara on the current values of the state of the tyres that will allow him to react almost immediately when, for example, the tire puncture by a nail or the appearance of other emergency situations, which have all chances to lead to tragedy and, in accordance with this, the damage to the goods.

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