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The fact is that the sensors themselves are different. Let’s look at why the sensors are different.
In general, there are three main differences between sensors

Let us consider in more detail.

1) Principles of operation of the tire pressure sensor

Different sensors measure the pressure in different ways:
Regular pressure measurement, for example every 15-30 seconds
Using an accelerometer that allows you to understand that the wheel has started moving, and this is a command for measuring the pressure in the wheel.
The sensor is equipped with a signal reception function, and receiving a signal from the antenna in the arch, begins to measure the pressure

2) Data exchange protocols

Here in general everything is simple. Each manufacturer has its own protocols for data exchange. As an example, you can take the number of characters used in the signal 4-10-16.

3) Different markets have different allowed frequencies

It is for the above reasons, even universal sensors can not be suitable for all models of cars.

Thursday July 12th, 2018

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